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Our Company

La Vit srl was founded by the great tradition and decades of experience and new needs of the market that have led traditional and new products to be more competitive in the local and international increasingly demanding markets, enabling the constant growth of La Vit srl which is taking up more space in the market.

The quality of our products is the result of centuries of traditional Sicilian techniques that keep carefully the secrets of their ancestors: only that way our preserves can express the flavors, aromas and colors of Sicily heated by the warm Mediterranean sun. The quality is guaranteed also by strict application of an internal system of control and food traceability and various certifications.

La Vit srl provides tradition, quality and knowledge of the products from our local areas and great professionalism, expertise and passion with the aim to introduce the typical Sicilian products and meet growing customers tickling their palate with traditional flavors, and always in line with the changing needs of consumers.

The brand "MEDITERRANEA" is a guarantee of the continuity of the impeccable quality of products already known on the market where there are already successfully receiving national and international awards and recognitions.


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